Man Of Tomorrow

Short Film - février 2016

Director | Hugues Puyau
Director of Photography | Théo Reynal
Retakes Camera Operator | Aurélien Loevenbruck
Production | DC Shorts
Starring Hugues Puyau, Alexandre Pivette, Hugues « Batnemo » Rouleux, …
Camera | Canon 5D MkIII

Synopsis : The 21st century, it’s a new era for human progress, mega-corporations are more powerfuls than governments. Metropolis is a shining example of human progress.
It’s in this very context that we discover a young and lost Clark Kent who still mourns the tragic death of Jonathan Kent and Lana Lang his greatest love. Clark will travel from Smallville to Metropolis, vengeful than ever in a quest against « Omega Corp » that he held responsable for his losses.
In the darkness of Metropolis Clark will have to fight a new ennemie who’ll test him like never before. He will also meet new allies that will bring him to his ultimate destiny : SUPERMAN.